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By Naturalist Jon on August 22, 2016

China had been absent since 1952 - when only one athlete represented the nation - following a dispute with the International Olympic Committee over the status of Taiwan. Prior to that, the nation had not won any medals.

Since 1984, China have topped the table just once - at their own Games in Beijing in 2008, when they finished with 15 more gold medals than the US.

But in eight summer Games, they have only been out of the top four once. That was in 1988, when they were 11th with five gold medals.

At London 2012, China won 38 golds and 88 medals in total to finish second to the US. GB were third with 29 golds.

China has the worst performance in Rio not seen since 1996, when they had 16 gold medals. In 2000, China finished with 28 gold medals, in contrast to this year's 26.

Ng Man Still top 3 in Rio2016

Ng Man And I would say, UK gives strong forces by the African immigrant

Chopper Hofman And the US shall reign supreme


Not enough data

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